• Gilcrease museum has been described as the most American of American museums, holding an unrivaled collection of art and artifacts of the American West. RSU Public Television takes a look at its rich history as well as a look behind the scenes of day to day operations that the public never sees. You will meet people from the past and present who have shaped this museum in to what it is today. Order online today! View Now +
  • Will Rogers Documentary

    Now you can own this Emmy Award-Winning Documentary on DVD to watch again and again. Purchase your copy online today!
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As the only full-powered public television station licensed to a public university in Oklahoma, RSU Public TV provides educational, cultural and general interest programming to an audience of 1.2 million viewers in northeastern Oklahoma, and the Tulsa metropolitan area.


Cox Cable

Digital 109 & 110/HD 793


Direct TV

Channel 35


Dish Network

Channel 35



HD 35.1/35.2

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You Make A Difference!

As a public media provider, we rely on our loyal viewers to aide us financially in bringing wholesome, quality education and entertainment to Oklahomans.


Why Support Public TV?

Quality television is harder to come by every day. While some government grants and university funding help to cover operating expenses, program funding is very costly. By contributing to public tv, your membership pledge dollars are applied directly towards purchasing new, engaging programming for our viewing audience. RSU Public TV is local, relevant, and most importantly, beneficial to the whole family.


Ready to make make a pledge and become a member today? Use our donation form to submit your information quickly and safely right from our website. As a member, you'll receive a quarterly newsletter updating you on new programming. Additionally, your pledge will help RSU Public TV bring quality programming to over one million people all across Green Country.

Underwriting on RSU Public TV is a great way to increase public awareness of your business or organization to the residents of Northeastern Oklahoma. Additionally, it's another way you can support great local programming. Our station is available to over 1 Million people! Let us show you how cost effective and successful underwriting can be!

Give us a call at 1-800-823-7210 and our Membership/Program Coordinator will help you get started. We look forward to hearing from you!